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In Dreams

Last night was the last night of summer vacation before I went back to work. I dreamed that I was sent to a jungle with a military-type person named Candace, who looked like Joey from Watchmen, and an Omnic from Overwatch. His name was Megan. I don’t know what my role was but I had a clipboard and a pen. The main part I remember was I locked myself in a video phone booth to call HQ and let them know that things had gone awry.

Me: Ok, there’s a situation….

HQ person in charge: Where’s the commander?

Me: I don’t really know, but I know that Megan is wearing her skin and calling himself Human Candace.

HQ PIC: …what?

And then behind me, the form of an Omnic wearing a torn and bloody human skin smashed against the booth window. Everybody flinched. The bottom of Megan’s face was visible through the gaping mouth of the skin.

Megan: I am Human Candace! We shall interact! That is what humans do!

Me: *holds up the clipboard where I’ve written HELP all over the paper*

HQ PIC: um

Megan: We could kiss!

Me: um

Megan: Humans enjoy kissing. Perhaps it is YOU who are not human!

Me: Human Candace! I am on the phone. Protocol demands you wait until communication is complete!

Megan:……………………..very well.

And then he sat down to wait right there and me and the HQ PIC had to find things to talk about until help could arrive.

Training tomorrow! We’ll see what happens.



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Aug. 14th, 2016 01:50 am (UTC)
That is one pretty awesome dream, I gotta say. I kind of wish I had a good enough dream-memory that I could hang onto details like that, but then I remember some of the weirder/worse ones that would just be horrible to have running on repeat in my head. O_o
Aug. 14th, 2016 02:55 pm (UTC)
Every now and then I have one I remember well. I used to keep a dream journal and it helps to write them down. I did spend the rest of the day muttering "Human Candace!" so it might not be entirely a good thing that I did remember!
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