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Well, It did snow. And I did have to reschedule all the conferences. And then I drove an hour to the meeting to decide what we should all do.

And at one point I fell on my knees on the slick concrete whilst carrying a vintage television set that weighs almost as much as I do.

I did get to hang out with the nieces and nephew though and I wrote a little < a href="https://31-days.livejournal.com/3332990.html">Beetlejuice</a> fic.


Ok, so it might snow, and if we get a snow day then I have to reschedule SO many conferences. It makes me sad just to think about all those phone calls. Maybe the snow can hold off til Wednesday when all this is done.

Also, the state may be going on strike if they can't get PEIA to cooperate. The last time the state went on strike was 1990 and I but a mere sprig of a girl. I don't want to do this again, but my mother didn't raise a scab and I wouldn't be able to face her ever again if I let someone else picket for me. So.

The good news is that I wrote a Shape of Water fic. The bad news is I had a good idea for yesterday's prompt but never got around to it. Guess I'll save it for Amnesty Day.

Dodge Ram

I gotta get rid of a ram, y'all.

They bottle fed it and now it's big and its worse than a cat. It'll cuddle one minute and headbutt you the next. It tried to smash through the shed door when I was getting it food. I had to run from it to get back inside. And now it's being all cute again. Yeesh.

Anyway, I did do a Strange Magic fic. It's kinda goofy and short, but it's keeping me writing when my big fics leave me a little preoccupied.

I made it through two days of conferences. Still have two more to go.

I did write a 10th Kingdom fic in between meetings. In other news, I wished comeuppance on someone and lo, it has come to pass. I am torn between illogical satisfaction and ethical chagrin. On one hand, Hah! S'what ya get! On the other, I hope it really had nothing to do with me and my unkind thoughts.

Or do I? Because I know lots of people that could stand some minor misfortune. *glares at phone where the light blinks because local senators keep calling me. they don't seem to like it when I call them*

Jan. 4th, 2018

First 31_days fic of the year! It's a Watchmen one.

It's our third snow day of the week, which extends Christmas break nicely! No real snow, but the wind is nasty and it is very cold.

The good news is that I've started regular artwork again and I pray it lasts. It's been nearly three years since whatever happened to me sank in and I couldn't do the things I loved anymore. One of my resolutions was to finish something once a month, so fingers are crossed!

I alternate being productive with watching River Monsters on Hulu. The lamprey episode still gives me the heebie jeebies.


Ugh. People are so cranky. And that makes me cranky, and then I become part of the problem.
But, I did write a Pacific Rim. When is the next movie coming out again?

At It Again

Posted a Beetlejuice fic.


So, for the first time in seventeen years, I do not have a cat. My poor old man finally had kidney failure last Saturday and there wasn't anything to be done but let him go.

The weird part is just expecting him to be there and he's not. I don't sit down anywhere without making sure he's not in the way. I step wide over the doorways because that's where he likes to hang out. And I always have the corner of my eye out for when he appears around the end of the couch.

And he's not. It's gonna take some getting used to.


more dreams

I have written a whole chapter on my work woes but I don’t want to post it because the odds are better that I can forget and forgive if I don’t go over it again.

So instead I’ll tell you about a dream I had.

I dreamed that a certain band of superheroes were attending the same high school as I did, and we were all shuffling into the auditorium for some kind of assembly. I was friends with the one female crimefighter, so we came in together. The rest of them were spread out across the back row but there were two spots left open. One was by the ‘nice guy’ who I knew liked the other girl and the other was by the ‘edgelord’ but he had put a note in it not to sit by him because he didn’t want to talk.

Since I knew the other girl would rather sit by the other guy and it would make his whole week, I passed that seat and went over to the one with the note. I said “I promise I’ll behave.” and sat down. He harrumphed but didn’t argue and he wrote and I doodled while the assembly went on and the only other part I remember is how flattered I was when he slumped and leaned on my shoulder at one point.

Now upon waking, my first thought was WTF because what’s so great about having an antisocial jerk feel comfortable leaning on me? But the me in the dream was a teenage me, and there’s no telling what that me would be into from one day to the next.


I keep posting about dreams...

Last night I dreamed I was in the Amazon jungle trying to stop some kind of development. It was kind of a cross between Fern Gully and WtA. I was the only one without powers or weapons, so I decided to fake it until you make it.

Everyone else was shapechanging and summoning the forces of nature. I found out the name of the development foreman and stalked over to him in the middle of all the magical battle.

“William Thurman McDonald!” I yelled. (It’s a name from an old episode of Night Court.) “By your True Name I Summon Thee!” And he made a WTF face at me and I kicked him square in the crotch. I don’t remember if it worked or not, but I woke up thinking I had at least helped the cause a little.

BTW, I am also over at dreamwidth if anyone is over there as well.


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